Dialectics Returns


Dialectic was one of the veins of Critical theory and Marxism in their flourishing time despite all its vicissitudes. The dismantling of the socialist regimes all round the world in the late 1980th and early 1990th can be seen to be a symbolic onset of long-term crisis of dialectics which caused its marginalization. However, is it possible to think an event, or any radical transformation of our current situation without simultaneously thinking dialectic? And if so, what kind of dialectic?
The goal of this research workshop is to explore and question the forms of dialectic that could become a launching pad for new concepts of dialectic that would challenge culture, political, and economic stalemates in these times. We plan to organize the international conference (in June 2020) that would broad the research scope of this workshop.

1-1 Introduction (Nick Nesbitt)

Dialectics and Dialectical Materialism

1-2 Agon Hamza: The Tickling Object of Žižek’s Dialectical Materialism

1-3 Elena Louisa Lange: Hegel’s Contribution to Capital

1-4 Discussion, end of the first panel “Dialectics and Dialectical Materialism”

Exorcising Hegel?

2-1 Nick Nesbitt: Forget Hegel: Pierre Macherey’s Spinozan Dialectic

2-2 Petr Kužel: Althusser’s Attack on Hegelian Dialectic

2-3 Discussion - end of the second panel “Exorcising Hegel?”

Alain Badiou‘s Theories of the Contradiction

3-1 Reza Naderi: Badiou’s Critique of the Beginning of Science of Logic

3-2 Jana Berankova: Series or Singularity? Badiou’s and Sartre’s Subject-in-Revolt (N.Nesbitt is reading)

3-3 Discussion, end of the third panel “Alain Badiou‘s Theories of the Contradiction”

Dialectics and Negativity: the Case Adorno

4-1 Joe Grim Feinberg: Kierkegaard’s and Adorno’s Dialectics: Epic, Tragic, Lyric

4-2 Michael Hauser: Antinomic Dialectic as a Revival of Adorno’s Concept

4-3 Discussion, end of the fourth panel “Dialectics and Negativity: the Case Adorno”


5 Presentation of the book: Alain Badiou, Sometimes, We Are Eternal, Nick Nesbitt